The Center for Education Policy Research(CEPR) successfully created OneCEPR, aspace where information related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is shared,and began making more connectionsbetween DEI and CEPR’s work. This was prompted after CEPR’s leadership reflected on the following:

  • What are our core values?
  • Is diversity at the organizational level reflected here?
  • Does the Center value people’s individual diversity?
  • Are folks satisfied with CEPR’s culture?

Had the leadership not posed suchquestions and made space to process the answers, OneCEPR would not exist.


This practice is an example of departmentheads/leads ascertaining insights aboutthe values, culture, and climate of their departments. In addition, leadership shouldcreate space and time to discuss the resultsin a productive way (i.e., “We are here …we want to be here … let’s put together a plan to address challenges and gaps as they relate to cultivating a more inclusive workplace”). Finally, leaders must supportwhatever strategic DEI priorities aredecided upon, particularly in cases where the intervention does not come from the leadership/management.