Call to Action

Call to Action

We each have the opportunity — and the responsibility — to create a greater sense of inclusion and belonging throughout our campus communities. Consider the various communities to which you belong — your department, your section, your School, your extracurricular organizations, your lab, or simply the people who live and work beside you. Each of us should think about the numerous roles we occupy within the broader Harvard context and their connection to other parts of the University. Identify the communities in which you have the power to create change and the communities where you can support efforts of those who are already engaged in creating a more inclusive Harvard. How can we each play a part in shaping our own experience and the experiences of those around us through our actions? How can we engage in the activities of our School or department and Harvard more broadly to further the goals, tools, and recommendations within this Task Force report?

Read the full "Call to Action" here.

Request Posters

The Task Force is distributing campaign posters and table tents to locations across the University.  If you would like posters and/or table tents for your spaces please contact with:

  1. the number of posters/table tents, and
  2. an on-campus mailing address.

Poster dimensions are 11" wide X 17" tall.