SEAS Blind Grading

A guide on implementing blind grading onvarious software platforms used at SEAS is being developed. Additionally,Women in Computer Science (WiCS) hosts avariety of community events to encouragecollaboration among all levels of studentspursuing a concentration in computerscience (CS). As a result of an area-wide diversity committee, CS also launched a freshman advising initiative to provide eachfemale student who indicates a primary interest in CS with a CS faculty member as a freshman adviser. This required collaboration with admissions and faculty.


Schools and programs may increase inclusive practices for students using a variety of approaches to level the playing fieldand build community — and many ofthese can be simple and low-cost. SEAS’efforts to support blind grading not only help remove bias, but also give students who identify as marginalized confidence that they will be treated equitably. Likewise, efforts to increase collaboration and community can be informal and organic,such as social events.