CHAN Schoolwide Climate Survey

In 2016 the Chan School completed aSchoolwide climate survey that examinedinclusion and belonging for all constituents. The survey data were collected and analyzed by an outside agency (the Culturally Engaging Campus EnvironmentsProject) and are available to all, and the findings were also presented in a number of live forums. During the last threeyears, the School has included questions on diversity and inclusion in student and staff exit surveys and has also added thesequestions to course evaluations. Exit surveyand course evaluation D&I questions are used for quality-improvement purposesand the results are not published — data are fed back to faculty in aggregate and conversations are initiated by the associatedean for diversity/senior associate deanfor education, as needed (in the case ofconcerning patterns).


This practice is an example of using expertresources, wrap-around survey processes,transparent dissemination of data, andcommunity forums to reflect on the data in order to build a solid foundation of understanding to support problem identification and continuous improvement.