Sanders Theatre

Engaging with 'Inclusion' at Harvard

March 31, 2017

As Harvard and other educational institutions have honed their admissions and hiring policies to make their communities more diverse along multiple dimensions, they have come to focus recently on “inclusion”: trying to ensure that all members of their more heterogeneous populations actually feel that they belong, fully and comfortably, within those communities.

Invitation to Afternoon of Engagement on April 5

March 9, 2017
Dear Members of the Harvard Community,
I invite you to join me in Sanders Theatre on Wednesday, April 5, at 2:00 p.m., for an Afternoon of Engagement, organized by the Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging. 
Harvard Bridge

Delving into ‘belonging’ at Harvard

December 19, 2016

Presidential task force on inclusion expands its work across University

Harvard’s intellectual breadth means that the University has a wide array of academic cultures that handle and experience diversity differently. Understanding those cultures and how they have made diverse members of the community feel at home — or haven’t — is part of the mission in the early going for the Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging.

Task Force Co-Chairs

A more inclusive Harvard

September 28, 2016

Task force co-chairs outline initial efforts to make all at University feel they belong

Harvard President Drew Faust has convened a University-wide task force to examine ways to help the University thrive as a place where all members of its increasingly diverse community feel that they truly belong.